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Related article: Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 05:54:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sasha steele
Subject: Fat Tran Panty Poopers - TwoAnika Has An Accident
by Sasha Steele That Anika had too pee rather badly was quite apparent by the way she
fidgeted and absent minded clutched herself as she combed through the
shops looking at clothes. Of course her antics hadn't gone unnoticed,
especially best loli preteen sites
by her boyfriend Tran who knew that all this would probably
lead up to Anika wetting herself. Anika seldom ever used a toilet and
certainly not a public toilet especially when holidaying in a place like
Mexico. So Tran watched and, with his cock growing hard, wondered when
the need to relieve herself would overcome his beautiful girl friend.
Anica had lost a ton of weight for this holiday and though still
chubby was showing off her sexy body in tight clothes - skin tight
bluejeans, a tight tan color tee shirt, brown high heel sandals. Her long
kink-curled blond hair young lolita gallerie free
was loose and blew around her shoulders with the
slight breeze off the sea as they walked to the next vendor.
Anika's tight jeans fitted her like a glove as they clung to her
bulging ass hips and thighs. Her big sexy butt jutted side hot lolita top bbs to side as she
walked. There's something mesmerizing about watching a big sexy ass in
tight pants set in motion. Her tits and belly bulged in the tight tee
shirt. Anika's jeans were half-hipsters, which rode higher in back over
her bubble butt and over her hips then dipped a bit in front so that her
belly bulged out over her belt and it showed when she raised her arms
reaching for clothes on the racks.
Everything bulged, including her blue jean's cock pouch (Tran's
favorite bulge), which at the moment Anika had a firm hold of. "Better
find someplace for me to pee," she said, meaning somewhere other than a
public toilet. lolita in tehran summary
Tran scouted around then led the love of his life to a
nearly deserted plaza just off the beaten track where Anika sat down on a
stone bench. She spread her legs apart, and leaning slightly forward let
go off her cock releasing her hold.
A look of concentration came over Anika's beautiful face. The crotch
of her bluejeans darkened at the tip of the lolitas models nude virtual
cock pouch on its underside.
Tran marveled at that bulge knowing what lay beyond the material of her
jeans and panties. His cock was rock hard pressing the pouch of his own
jeans (Tran had white ones on), straight out. He pressed down on it.
The material covering the crescent shape at her crotch saturated. Pee
began to dribble through. Anika bore down holding her breath with a
hmmmph sound. The dribble turned into a stream that splashed on the
concrete beneath her. She tilted her head back, closed her beautiful
green eyes, opened her mouth and gave a long sigh of relief.
Anika peed freely for a minute, then bore down again to completely
empty her bladder causing her to pass wind. "Ooh," she said, "we better
go back soon. I feel a big poop coming on,"
Tran watched closely till the last drop fell. He couldn't help
himself though he knew the routine and had a tissue ready.
"Finished," Anika said. A small stream ran away from the puddle
between her outspread feet.
Tran bent down with the tissue to soak up the excess from her cock
pouch. He patted it gently feeling the solidness of his girlfriend's fat
cock beneath. God how he loved Anika's big cock. The size of it and shape
of it, so thick and long. Its eleven inches were much longer than his own
piddly eight incher.
"Are you wiping me or just playing with my dick? Hurry up I'm
Anika was always hungry. All she did was eat and sleep, Tran thought.
That's how come she keeps getting so fat and has to spend a fortune going
to the Fat Farm to be put to sleep for three weeks while her metabolism
is speed way up. Dangerous, but it works. Anika had just lost 250 pounds
before going on holiday. Too spoiled and lazy to diet and exercise, Tran
thought, she'll just get fat again. But that's okay, he liked her when
she was real fat anyway. And so long as she keeps him for her fuck boy,
who cares?
They went into a crowded and noisy pub/restaurant across the plaza
where (surprise, surprise), Anika pigged out then proceeded to get drunk.
It was so crazy in there that at one point Anika peed her pants right
under the table and nobody even took notice. Meantime the fecal mass
packed within her bowels had grown and was pressuring her once more.
"Oh God, I have to shit so bad," Anika whined.
"You wanna leave?"
"In a minute. It's okay. Finish our drinks first."
Anika did have to take a shit real bad. But she didn't fight it. In
fact she seemed to have forgotten her desperation and sat there calmly
finishing her drink until...
"I can't hold it," Anika said mater of factly.
"Gonna use the lady's room?" He said.
"No fucking way."
"Can you wait till we get back?" Tran asked. He was getting hard
again. His cock throbbed in the pouch of his white jeans. She was turning
him on big time.
Anika shook her head.
"Too late anyway," she said. "I'm going to have to dump my panties."
In fact she'd already started. Anika was crowning, her anal ring held
open around the huge solid log that had slid between her butt cheeks. The
tip of her hard turd pressed against the seat of her white panties had
stopped there because she was sitting.
"It's already touching my panties," Anika said.
She seemed contemplative for a moment. This wouldn't be the first
time that Anika had shit her panties. She had done so before - when she
had been caught short, when it was convenient, or when she was just too
damn lazy to get up to use the toilet. But then, she had Tran to change
her and clean her bum. God, he was such a pussy.
"Let's go," Anika said finally.
She stood and placed a hand against the seat of her pants as if
trying to stop her shit from advancing any further than it already had.
The urge to push was strong but Anika resisted it, for now.
"I have to finish this," she said.
Tran stood. The hardon pressing the cock pouch of his white jeans
forward was obvious.
"We better find a nice quite place where I can take a big dump in my
panties" Anika said, and added "real quick."
They left, retraced their steps across the plaza to where Anika had
pissed herself; she with a hand pressed into her fat ass and new image board loli he with his
hard cock pressed into the pouch of his jeans. Once there Anika didn't
sit but grasped the rail above the concrete bench turning her back to
Tran. Walking had abated her urge to push. But once there she had to shit
so bad that she didn't care who was watching.
Anika spread her legs. She was bent over with her arms out, hands on
the rail, her head lowered. Her fat belly showed. Her kink-curled blond
hair hung down. Anika closed her eyes. Held her breath. Grimaced...
Her bowel movement - the huge fecal mass that was inside of her -
Her bluejeans and white panties, although tight in the crack of her
ass, began to stretch.
Tran could see the material starting to tent between her round ass
Anika panted for air. "Can you see it?" She breathed.
"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Put your, nnnnnnnnnnnn, hand, nnnnnn, on, nnnnnn, it,
Tran placed his hand against his girlfriend's fat ass. He could feel
the tip of her hard shit pushing against his palm.
"Nnnnnn. Don't press, nnnnnn, too hard, nnnnnnn," Anika strained. The
bulge in the seat of her panties had grown. The tubular mass they
contained had curled downward forming a crescent shape that grew into a
bulge as Anika moved her bowels softly grunting as she forced more and
more shit into the seat of her panties.
"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," Anika groaned. lolitas 7 yo suck
And then she was
Anika stood and reached around to feel the bulge in the seat of her
jeans. "Whew," she said, "it's a big one."
And that wasn't the only 'big one' when it came to bulges in
bluejeans. Obviously shitting in her panties had not only turned Tran on,
but had turned Anika on as well. She pressed her hand on the growing
bulge in her jean's cock pouch.
"Get us a cab," Anika said, "we have to get back to the resort so you
can change my poopy panties." End of part one
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